Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Embrace Wellness, Reclaim Your Health

Life threw me curveballs - twice. As a two-time cancer survivor, I know the fear, unknowns, and feelings of helplessness all too well. However, I made it to the other side stronger and now empower others on their journey towards wellness.

At Sanergies, we take an holistic approach to fitness, fueling the mind, body and spirit. My passion is helping you break free from unhealthy patterns and make conscious lifestyle choices to transform your health.

Through virtual personal training and wellness coaching, we'll uncover the roots of your health struggles and set positive goals tailored to your unique needs. With bodyweight workouts and favorite gymnastic moves, we'll encourage you to take those first steps towards a fitter, healthier you.

And we won't just focus on the physical. True wellness involves mental and emotional fitness too. I will be your accountable advocate, sharing tried and tested strategies to help you achieve work-life balance and address your whole-person wellbeing.

If you feel stuck in a hamster wheel and are ready to take control of your health, let's connect. As a survivor, I know the trials you face. But I also know the hope, strength and triumph on the other side.

Schedule a free consultation today at (972) 503-9193 to start an inspired wellness journey with someone who has walked in your shoes. The possibilities for your renewed health and vitality are endless. Reclaim your wellbeing - you deserve to thrive!