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Wellness Coaching

Embrace Wellness, Reclaim Your Health

Life threw me curveballs - twice. As a two-time cancer survivor, I know the fear, unknowns, and feelings of helplessness all too well. However, I made it to the other side stronger and now empower others on their journey towards wellness.

At Sanergies, we take an holistic approach to fitness, fueling the mind, body and spirit. My passion is helping you break free from unhealthy patterns and make consci... Read more

From Surviving to Thriving

I feel a calling to support and guide others on their own journeys of transformation, to help them embrace their scars, endure their struggles, and accept their complete selves.

We all experience various forms of trauma, and I've come to realize through having cancer twice, my childhood traumas, and a host of challenges, that learning from our struggles is the path to true greatness. My scars aren't just on the outside; they run deep within... Read more

Inspiration To Move

Welcome to my virtual wellness movement program, where I believe that nothing is at rest unless it's dead. My goal is to help you lead a more fulfilled and inspired life, not just in between work, but throughout your entire day. 

Through a combination of gymnastics and body mechanic moves, my mission is to get you more in love with your future than you are with your past. 

Join me in this journey towards a healthier and more vibrant life.