Inward Fit Focus

Inward Fit Focus

In the years that followed, I distracted myself with marriage, children, and family life. 

I portrayed an image of health and vitality. But inside, old pains and emotional trauma still festered. These traumas manifested into being diagnosed with cancer; not once, but twice.

This life-threatening wake-up call forced me to stop running and finally address my emotional wounds. I realized I had been hiding parts of myself in shame for too long. To truly heal, I had to embrace my whole self - light and dark.

Through deep inward work, I found balance and strength. I rediscovered my passion for whole body wellness. Now I understand health comes from within. It's a state of being, not doing.

I enjoy sharing my journey and helping others overcome their inner battles. By achieving fitness of mind, body, and spirit, we can live with vibrance, wholeness, and joy. My imperfect path led me to a life of purpose.

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